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UltraWebHosting began in Seattle in 2002 with its wide range of flexible web hosting services. It offers a multitude of services, including hosting, domain registration, design, and consultation.
UltraWebHosting goes beyond the norm and provides website host packages for a very low $2.95 a month. The Ceo, David Turner promises exceptional customer satisfaction with in house, state of the art facilities Servers and an immediate maintenance team on the site for 24/7 backup. Attenuating the hardware failure rate or any other such technical glitches is a host of HDDs, power supplies, power feeds, switches, routers, and have plenty of spare hardware.
They have catered to clients like MTV, Microsoft, Boeing, and AT&T Wireless

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Web Hosting Services

The web hosting service is free easy to use online site builder with drag and drop one-click WordPress installation and so much more. It has custom-built rack servers optimized for website hosting with Intel Xeon processors, multi-terabyte drive arrays, dual power supplies, and 64GBs+ of RAM. It enables fast performance, reliability, and scalability.

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WordPress hosting provider

Websites often falter with the slow loading speed, and Ultra Web Hosting bolsters the pace of traffic with optimization and custom configured services.
They are offering $12.95/month discounted packages, which will otherwise cost the client around $16.00. This will ensure a boost of websites 3x times, free domain with annual order, Xeon CPU performance, SSD, Free Website Transfer, Content Delivery Network, 1-Click WordPress Install, UltraSpeed Caching, Real Green Web Hosting, https:// SSL Certificate. The entire package comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and free setup.

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What makes Ultra a popular and reliable choice for the clients is its market assessment over the other sites. Unlike any other provider, Ultra Web Hosting extends NGINX usage and that too at a 10x speed than other hosting providers. NGINX load balancing and page caching software will speed up your website dramatically. A client’s testimonial page will ensure their claims. This means that your visitors will never be bored waiting for your pages to load for a long time. Keeping a hold on the client is essential, and slow pages are the primary source of their departure from the website. NGINX is available as a combo deal on popular hosting plans like the Ultra 1x, Ultra Unlimited, and Ultra Unlimited Pro. It can also be installed on any other dedicated programs as per the clients’ desires.

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This gives access to the JavaScript not only on your own browser but also on the visitor’s machine. Node.js is available with other hosting packages as well. It equips you with access to files on the visitor’s computer, listening to network traffic, to HTTP requests (send and receive data), and also to databases directly, and more.

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As an official partner to Weebly, UltraWebHosting designs any website in minutes. They also lessen the hassle of upload, as direct uploading takes place after connecting the members’ accounts. What Ultra does here is it speeds up the client’s domain, adds content delivery and email features. The User interface has easy drag and drops functionality as well.
It is available in the basic hosting package of Ultra 1x plan, which comes for $2.95/month.

Reseller Hosting

The more the wriggle room that a hosting service provides, the higher the UX rating is for the provider. Through Reseller hosting, you can have access to unlimited websites and 2tbs bandwidth. All of this is available at a lucrative and discounted price of $16.66.

HIPAA Hosting

HIPAA web hosting providers ensure the confidentiality of medical information and health care services. It enables the smooth running of newly set up organizations. Strict guidelines adhering to 136 audited components and 54 HIPAA citations are compiled and maintained through the hosting service. HIPAA Hosting usually comes at a monthly package of $79.95 per month, but Ultra is offering a stunning rebated price of $49.95 for the same.

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